22 Expert Tips To Bring Luxury Into Your Home

22 Expert Tips To Bring Luxury Into Your Home

Whether you own a million dollar home or simply want your home to feel like a million dollars, bringing in luxurious style doesn’t have to come at a price. Simple changes like installing wallpaper and bringing nature into your home are great ways to achieve luxury without breaking the bank. To help you get started, we reached out to design experts for their best budget-friendly luxury tips. So whether you live in an apartment in Austin, TX, or a home in Anaheim, CA keep reading to see how you can incorporate a little more luxury into your home.

A living room framed by archways

1. Purchase candles to bring luxury into your home

A candle serves as a multipurpose piece that can not only elevate the look of your home’s design but also provide a pleasing smell.

“An easy, stylish way is to add a beautiful candle. It is simplistic yet elegant and elicits a beautiful smell leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Not to mention, a candle can help your home smell beautiful,” shares Journey Candle Company owner Destiny.

“Strategically placing candles in front of a mirror creates the illusion of extra sparkle in any room. Add a soft fragrance to further create the mood.” adds Angela Ahlberg of Porch Light Candle Company.

2. Install wallpaper to accent your space

Wallpaper is a great way to elevate your space and make it your own. From geometric patterns to nature-inspired prints, there are many different designs that evoke luxury and elegance.

Michelle Jett of Decorating Den Interiors based in La Verne, CA states, “While many people have shied away from wallpaper based on the horror story related to its removal, today’s wallpaper is more efficient and functional. Wallpaper accent walls are trendy at the moment, with many homeowners taking advantage of the opportunity to spruce up a small space like the guest bathroom or the home office. A wallpapered wall can easily fill any space in your home as long as you’re willing to make the effort.”  

Not only do wallpaper prints come in unique designs, but they can also look like a painted mural.

“Installing a wallpaper mural can bring luxury and wonder to any room. Murals with a more muted palette tie in seamlessly with surrounding decor whilst also adding a whimsical elegance that enchants homes,” adds custom wallpaper company Willo The Wisp.

3. Use a professional picture hanging set

When hanging artwork on walls, Santa Fe Painting Workshops recommends using professional picture hanging sets. 

“Some hanging sets contain a variety of nails rated for different weights of paintings. You will barely notice the hole these nails make, and with the included hanging hook, you can be rest assured that your painting will stay securely on the wall.”

4. Be intentional with your color choices

There are many ways to bring luxury into your home, and one such way is the color of your  fabrics, wallpaper, and paint.

“Color has the ability to make us feel calm in a chaotic world. That can be reflected in a new palette for your home with paint, fabrics, or textured wallpaper,” notes Design by Tula.

An eclectic living room

5. Install art lights to create layers

Lighting can drastically improve the look and feel of your home by providing a brighter, more airy space.

Chicago-based interior designer R Titus Designs says, “If you find an affordable painting at a rummage sale adding an art light above it will make it feel like you paid a lot more for it. Art lights are also excellent ambient lighting for any room.”

6. Curate custom-made pieces

To make your home one-of-a-kind, commission a local woodworker, crafter, or contractor to create custom-made pieces.

Design Works Studio, a Raleigh-based interior design studio, shares, “By installing custom furniture, draperies, and subtle decor pieces, your home is guaranteed to feel more luxurious. Little changes like paint color, cabinet hardware, and unique accessories can completely transform your space into your dream home.”  

“For a curated look, go for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces,” adds La Bastille, which specializes in custom countertops. “If you have your kitchen range hood custom-made, not only will it fit perfectly in your space, but you never have to worry about spotting it at the neighbor’s house.” 

7. Bring nature into your home

Catherine Frinier, Principal and Managing Partner of Richard Frinier Design Studio California recommends bringing nature into the home for an elevated sense of luxury that is mindful and peaceful. 

“Bring into the home nature’s restorative outdoor energy by incorporating and caring for the most appropriate types of right-sized live trees, plants, and flowers placed in interesting and well-designed water-safe vessels and containers. Be sure to change regularly and seasonally.”

8. Upgrade your hardware 

Replacing handles and knobs is a quick and easy way to integrate fine elements into your home. 

Dekkor Fine Decorative Hardware explains, “You interact with hardware daily, so think about upgrading your home’s ‘touch points’ in luxurious finishes instead of completely replacing tired furniture pieces or cabinetry.”

They recommend bringing luxury into your home with decorative hardware in finishes like Swarovski crystal, Solid Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass, or Knurled Black.

A dark, modern kitchen

9. Use accessories to make a statement

For design and lifestyle firm House of Kier it’s all about gorgeous accessories that make statements yet purposeful to the design of your home. 

“Accessories make the difference. The joy of comfort is another important element as we believe soft touches like pillows and throws make the perfect accompaniment to a cozy space. The final piece is quality art that kicks off the conversation at the fabulous dinner party you’ve planned to welcome in the new year.” 

10. Install quartz countertops

“When it comes to countertops, quartz countertops may be the best choice for you,” explains quartz manufacturer SoDo Stone. “It is scratch-resistant so that the whole surface will look new after years. Quartz has no pinholes, so it will not hide any dirt, and it is easy to clean in your daily kitchen life.”

11. Finish with Mahogany wood stain and varnish 

Mahogany wood stain and varnish is a subtle yet immensely effective way of bringing luxury into your home.

Natalie J. Cheetham, a mural artist and illustrator, shares, “It’s an absolute treat and will make even the cheapest wood look sublime. Spruce up an old picture frame or even a door frame by simply sanding it down, applying first the wood stain then the varnish, sitting back and marveling at the transformation.” 

12. Reframe original artwork or limited edition prints 

Don’t be afraid to reframe your original artwork or limited edition prints to bring luxury into your home.

“Professionally carried out, it can bring an extra touch of luxury and a new sense of energy to your artwork and indeed your home,” notes artist Emily McCormack.

A navy colored home office decorated with pictures and foliage

13. Choose paintings with personal significance

Choose paintings that have a personal significance to create a welcoming and meaningful presence every time you step foot in your home.

“Buying art that has an emotional appeal creates a bond, and you can share this with your guests; colors capture attention, memories pop into our thoughts, and experiences are shared,”  says pastel and plein air painter Betsy Payne Cook.

“Don’t be scared by humor,” adds artist Eileen Cressman-Reeder. “A well-crafted piece can spark conversation and lift one’s spirits. Be bold and let art provide you with a bright spot in your life.” 

14. Microfiber your bathroom

Designer Sophia Calima says, “Nothing feels more luxurious than stepping out of the shower and onto a fluffy, non-slip cotton or microfiber bath mat paired with a plush cotton bath towel that reminds you of a warm hug.” 

15. Curate and edit your space 

“My favorite way to create a more luxurious interior is through curation,” notes interior design firm M&P Design Group. “Mixing antiques with contemporary pieces as well as utilizing a broad collection of materials mixing natural stone, wood, glass, fabric, and/or metals together within one space.”

“Editing your home choices will create space – space creates freedom, freedom provides comfort, and comfort is the greatest luxury™️,” adds architecture and interior company Brown Davis.

16. Install beautiful fan covers

In almost every bathroom, there is a ceiling bathroom fan and most come with a standard plastic cover.  

“We encourage you to elevate your powder room surroundings by replacing that standard less-than-beautiful fan cover with a beautifully designed one. Designer fan covers are usually lightweight, require no hardware to install, and can also be painted to match your ceiling or any other color you’d like. These fan covers are an easy way to bring luxury into our homes, adding  an unexpected distinctive design element,” recommends Modern Metal Designs.

A white, bright bathroom

Photo courtesy of Mod Metal Designs

17. Be intentional with your Feng Shui 

The art of placement is important in Feng Shui. Art and sculptures are placed according to the five element theory and the Bagua for easy flow and success. 

“For example, the left back corner of your home is the prosperity area, so any art and objects should be placed there that feel luxurious to you, placing it with a prosperous intention, and opening yourself to abundance,” shares Cindy Garreton Interior Design.

18. Design with metallic accents 

One way to elevate the look of your home is to add metallic accents. 

Jennifer, Senior Content Designer of DecoArt shares, “An easy and affordable way to do this is with paint. Surfaces such as picture frames, lamp bases, and drawer knobs become the jewelry of the home when they shimmer and shine. You can keep things simple with a monochromatic metallic color scheme or be daring with a mix of metals in various finishes to create sophisticated details within your home.”

19. Incorporate pieces that provoke conversation and interest 

The best way to bring luxury into your home is incorporating pieces that can provoke conversation or interest. 

Ariana Lovato of Honeycomb Home Design remarks, “This could be in the manner of adding original artwork, area rugs, handcrafted furniture, or accessories. It doesn’t have to be your entire home, so focus on key areas, like the living room. It’s those types of touches that add something a little extra to your home and help it stand out.”

20. Create a feature wall

When bringing luxury into your home all you need is a statement wall.

Minted Space, which specializes in eco-chic living, shares “Choose one wall in a room and spruce it up, whether with wallpaper, paint or using textured materials like brick or limestone.  Also, little things like accent décor really transform a room from blasé to beautiful.”  

A large bookcase

21. Invest in a luxe bed

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or luxurious a bedroom is if the bed leaves you unrested and tired when you wake up in the morning.

Will Brown Interiors based in Kansas City, MO shares, “I’ve learned how to outfit a bedroom with an appropriate bed. With some trial and error, I’ve found breathable and sustainable hemp or Pima cotton sheets work best for regulating temperature while also retaining wicking properties over time. A temperature regulating duvet with just the right amount of loft made with bamboo is an eco-friendly and antimicrobial choice to calmly drift off to sleep.”

22. Make sure everything has a place in your home

Sometimes luxury is a state of mind and well-being when home in the eyes of Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic Design, a design company based out of Houston, TX.

“Most luxurious homes are beautifully, perfectly well organized with everything in its place. Drawers are lined in the kitchens and closets, pantries are labeled with goods in clear bins, and cabinets are only filled with useful things. So bring in the organizers, declutter everything, and live in a beautifully organized home that will uplift your spirit.”