Christmas Eve edition of: Saturday Morning Home Repair

Christmas Eve edition of: Saturday Morning Home Repair

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Good Morning,

Sure hope you’ve got your shopping done!

Last April I moved back to Concord and got my job back at Pro Fab. That job is to make the place work better and clean. The place was a mess. took about a month to haul off all the stacked up junk around the place. I tried to retire 9/18/22. The company had bought the adjacent lot. While I was away they did haul in fill so there was parking back there.

I suggested moving the trailers & container and put up an Awning.


turns out this trailer is worth a lot of money with those straight stainless sides!!! I disabled the brakes so we could move it. We were going to take the axles & landing gear off and put it on the ground. It is going to be sold now & replaced with a container.

old obsolete headers

We were going to move the trailers, borrowed a forklift, it wouldn’t pick the nose of that trailer with the axles still under it. A few weeks later The boss decided to call the movers that come there every now and then to move big stuff. Got a date of Nov 23rd to move them. Then the boss decided to add some drainage stuff.


this started Nov 16th. then rain! So the big day came!


they put them on flat bed trailers & drove them to the back of the building.


after Thanksgiving the cement people got busy.


I did the catch basins.


frame for a grate


I still have 2 catch basins to finish up.


Stainless Steel is what this company makes it’s product out of.

So I fornicated these!


Had someone come look at doing the awning. this is about 125’ x 17’


we can now get into this container with a forklift


I have plenty of stuff to do to get this done, I hope the Awning is up by March first! There will be a bathroom out there. All ready started putting the stuff back in the container. The center trailer was done the 25th & 26th. what a muddy mess that was to do.

Built this shed for the stainless scrap


I made those hoops on a tool they have here. took a few tries to figure out how it worked.

It is not complete. I need to put the trim on & make it easier to open & close the curtain.

Put a lot of time in on the back gate. The bracket to hold the opener was a learning deal. The company that installed the first bracket didn’t even work, a thunderstorm ripped it off the post! Then I made one out of aluminum, the pivot points were wrong & it wasn’t strong enough.


We added a post to lock the gate when it is open so a thunder storm can’t cause trouble.


I waxed the floors in the fab section of the building, took 7 weekends!


I started cleaning up another old Do All


It is waiting on input from the owner to finish it. I put it in the container Friday. Maybe in March I’ll work on it again.

this expander sat in the way for 9 months


I had built a crane on another one in 2017.


It was done back in June, but it needs programed & the boss hasn’t done it!


this one has a double wide die holder


as you can see there are more dies then places to put them!

There was one of these gray peg boards on the other side of this room. So I made another one & made them hang on the shelf post that is a wall here.


those are collector clusters so you can put the header in the tumbler without damaging them, the media would mess the header up with out them.

did some lighting up dates


someone else that works here has changed these doors out! He still working on them.


Because the new swing door covered the exit door it had to be moved.


We also started putting the panels on this wall where my work bench is.


I’ll make some selves for the wall over the bench in the near future. Any strips of stainless 8” and under is considered scrap, so I can from them to make shelves.

Yeah I am working to much. But I don’t have anything else to do. Since I turned off my computer last April, my only access to the internet is the phone, I don’t like using the phone like that. So my addiction of the internet is sorta over. Doing this post is sorta fun & I got carried away doing it!


Pro Fab is a fun place for me!

I’ll work on the saw horse for 4 punches in the AM! I want to take it to the powder coater’s Tuesday! Should be easy work in the AM.

took till Wednesday to get it to the powder coater

todays project is to form sheet metal to build a cabinet, I got .065 mild steel. I did some test bends this morning. I was not ready to do the work it’s going to take that early. I’ll go back to the shop I sleep in around noon & form the two sides.

the cabinet will be 48” wide 78” tall & 28” deep. it will have several drawers & shelves! I get photos as I go and do a post on it! 😎

So what are you working on?