Cooper’s Hawk opens in Clive with a wine bar and restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk opens in Clive with a wine bar and restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk opens in Clive with a wine bar and restaurant
  • Cooper’s Hawk makes its own wines found on the menu. Diners can sample tastes before ordering a bottle.
  • Diners can have their red wines aerated at the table, a grand spectacle.
  • Don’t think food isn’t important. The menu offers 110 options, including vegetarian, gluten-free and low-calorie options.

Wine lovers, rejoice. The Des Moines metro lands a new restaurant that specializes in pairing wines with food.

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant opens in Clive on Dec. 5, taking over a plot of land that formerly housed Granite City Food & Brewery. The brewery opted to close in March 2020, and Cooper’s Hawk swooped in to raze the building and build the new 11,300-square-foot location at the corner of University Avenue and 128th Street.

Cooper’s Hawk’s goal is to bring Napa Valley to Clive, making the brand’s own wines and offering a wine club for people to get better acquainted with the wines available.

“If you don’t like a wine, it’s a bad wine for you,” said Tom Koenigsberg, the chief marketing officer and brand strategist for the company. His comment is meant as recognition that not everyone likes all wines, and people should find a wine they like, an overriding philosophy for Cooper’s Hawk.

A wine lover’s paradise

The tasting bar at Cooper's Hawk offers diners a chance to try different wines, by the glass or by the flight.

Wine lovers of every stage from beginner to pro can sample four wines for $10. Tasting notes give drinkers an idea of what flavors to find in a wine: red plum and black cherry in a tempranillo, blackberry and black currant in a Meritage.

The notes include a flavor profile that shows just how much sweetness, acidity, body, tannins and alcohol the wine contains, along with the grape origin (Rioja, Span, or Mendocino County, California, for example), the wine’s personality (“chocolatey and rich” or “pretty and spicy,” for example) and what types of food the wine pairs well with.