Decorative Trends That Can Also Be Dangerous

Decorative Trends That Can Also Be Dangerous

While there are many design trends out there that look simply fantastic, there is also an element of danger in them at the same time. So, before you think of adopting them in your home, it’s certainly going to be worth making sure that you have thought everything through properly – particularly based on who is living in your home. For example, if you have any children or older people at home, some of these trends could end up being ruled out for one reason or another.

Open Staircases

First up on the list, there are plenty of staircases out there that are going to be dangerous if they are left open. To combat this particular problem without destroying the visual effect that you’re going for, it could always be the case that you could opt for glass railings. This way, you very much have a strong visual appeal going on, but you’re also being safety conscious at the same time.

Floating Shelves

While floating shelves are not necessarily going to be a problem on their own, if they get overloaded with weight, this is where a potential issue can start to spring up. With this in mind, you need to ensure that the brackets that you’re using have the potential to support as much weight as you are planning on piling on them. You could also add some additional screws along the length of the shelf as this is going to prevent it sagging. However, the simplest solution that you are likely to have available to you is all about not overloading the shelf if you can help it.

Exposed Plumbing and Brickwork

There is no doubt that the ‘New York loft’ style of having exposed plumbing and brickwork is one that has traveled through over an extended period of time. While it does not have to be dangerous when the right precautions taken, there’s one or two issues that are going to be worth bearing firmly in mind. First of all, damage to the pipes can occur, which why you may want to position furniture to ensure that they are not accessible. As for the brickwork, there is every chance that mortar can start to crumble, which can be solved by investing in a caulk gun that you can use.

Open Floor Plan

The next potential issue to be wary of is a simple open floor plan. While it may be a highly popular choice, it can mean that there are no restrictions in terms of children running through the home to potentially dangerous areas. There is also the possibility that you could have a fire that spreads more easily through the home. There is not much that you can really do about it other than ensuring that you choose a more traditional style of floorplan.

All of these are amongst the different decorative trends that you need to be wary of if you’re planning to have them in your own home.