‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Takes the Barndominium Trend to a New Level You Must See To Believe

‘Fixer to Fabulous’ Takes the Barndominium Trend to a New Level You Must See To Believe

Astonishingly sufficient, Dave and Jenny Marrs have never reworked an previous barn into a barndominium on their HGTV exhibit, “Fixer to Fabulous“—until now.

In the episode “Century Outdated Barn, Family Residence,” Dave and Jenny fulfill Mike and Kelly Burton, who moved to Arkansas from California a handful of decades in the past. They have a attractive main home, but they also want to convert the 100-year-old barn on their home into an entertaining room that will hopefully entice their close friends and family members to take a look at a lot more frequently.

Hundred-year-old barn
Hundred-yr-outdated barn


Armed with an sufficient $280,000 funds, Dave and Jenny get to work—and take this barn, and the whole barndominium trend, to a complete new level. Check out what they do, which provides a lot of inspiration on how to make our possess spaces more inviting, no matter if you are living in a barndominium or any previous home.

Conserve the siding

Renovated barn with new siding
Renovated barn with new siding


The barn has 100-yr-old oak siding, which is going to have to be replaced by new siding that will last a different 100 yrs. But Dave says they’ll use the authentic siding elsewhere.

“To protect the look of the primary siding, the exterior is obtaining a wooden grain, board-and-batten cement siding that’s likely to lengthen the lifestyle of the barn for one more 100-plus yrs,” claims Dave.


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In the meantime, the “old barn wood from outside has been salvaged, and we’re striving to reuse as substantially as attainable,” suggests Jenny. “We’ll be using it in the residing space and the kitchen.”

They’ll also use it for table tops, as effectively as beam wraps. That previous siding pops up almost everywhere!

Consider a feature ceiling

Barn wood ceiling in the kitchen
Barn wood ceiling in the kitchen area


You have listened to of attribute walls in bedrooms and residing rooms, which have a distinctive texture or style so that they stand out from all the other partitions in the area. Nicely, why not try out a element ceiling?

“I want to have the salvaged barn wood that we’re going to place on the walls of the dwelling place and put it on the ceiling of the kitchen area to make the place excess heat,” Jenny suggests.

When it is put in, Jenny is familiar with she built the suitable preference.

“It appears so fantastic,” she states. “It’s just warm and cozy and I completely enjoy it!”

Slide down from second floor
Slide down from the 2nd ground.


Because this is not Mike and Kelly’s most important home, they want to have some entertaining with it, and give Dave and Jenny carte blanche to choose some more challenges.

Jenny thinks a slide down the aspect of the stairs would be just the matter.

“I want this to be a put where their company can come in and say, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is so awesome and different,’” she tells Dave. “This is a distinctive job, so let us just embrace that.”

“So you’re thinking just a little slide on the facet that would be from 18 to 20 inches?” asks Dave.

“Yeah, just for a very little kid’s booty,” replies Jenny. “I suggest, I would want to go down it, way too, so an adult booty.”

Climb the partitions

Rock climbing hall
Rock climbing corridor


“Hallways are uninteresting,” says Jenny. “Just maybe a position to dangle a image, that’s terrific, but now this hallway—next stage!”

She strategies to make the hallway into a climbing station, with footings likely up a person wall and down the other and monkey bars put along the ceiling to swing from a person wall to the other.

When Mike and Kelly’s two young boys see the new hallway, they immediately start off scrambling up the partitions.

This ain’t your grandma’s screen porch

Modern screened-in porch
Modern screened-in porch


“Screened-in patios are really well-known here in Arkansas, due to the fact we have a whole lot of bugs in the summertime,” points out Jenny. “It just assists the house to be useable for more of the year.”

Nevertheless if visions of those people outdated aluminum structures tacked on to your grandma’s dwelling commence dancing through your head, relaxation confident this one’s unique. It has clear, corrugated ceiling panels to let in a great deal of sunshine.

“It seems like a significant skylight,” says Jenny. “This made use of to be a rickety aged lean-to that was genuinely terrifying, so this is a whole modify. They are going to really like this!”

Is Dave and Jenny’s new barndominium a hit?

As Kelly and Mike tour their recently renovated barn, the Marrses can inform that they’ve knocked it out of the park.

“I really like the character that is continue to listed here,” says Mike. “I’m jealous of our young ones, because they get to have this escalating up. Is that bad?”

In actuality, the Burtons like it so considerably, they mull above moving into the barn completely and permitting their spouse and children and good friends have the major home!

“They’re just envisioning the house entire of spouse and children and mates,” Jenny concludes, “and figuring out that it is likely to be a area where by they make excellent recollections and have a lot of enjoyment.”