Geometric cabinet as smooth as jazz

Geometric cabinet as smooth as jazz

The authorized definition of an antique is that it is at minimum 100 years old. This means the art deco era is formally achieving antique status. The title “art deco” is considered to occur from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes (Global Exhibition of Modern-day Decorative and Industrial Arts) in Paris in 1925, but the design and style already existed by the time of the exhibition.

Globe War I is generally viewed as the stop of the artwork nouveau interval and the beginning of art deco. Individuals were being going into more compact households and wished low-cost furnishings the place form adopted purpose. The new machinery, producing tactics and materials of the time lent by themselves to the sleek geometric shapes that outline the era.

The art deco period began about 100 years ago and has not lost its appeal. This geometric cabinet with wood veneers is an example of the style.

This cabinet, made in Italy in 1934, exhibits qualities of art deco design and style. It is manufactured from sleek, basic styles in veneers, acrylic and lacquered wood. Decorations are contained within the cabinet’s shape. Rather of ornate carvings, the cabinet has burl veneer, bands and squared spirals of dark wood. The cabinet marketed for $2,322 at a Cowan’s auction.

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