HomeFront volunteers help repair Norwalk family’s home

HomeFront volunteers help repair Norwalk family’s home

NORWALK — The Hendricksons just needed a little help from some friends. HomeFront, a home-repair organization that identifies those in need, and volunteers from the Congregational Church of New Canaan gathered on Saturday to help repair the family’s home.

Volunteers weather-proofed the basement, replaced windows and siding, changed doors, installed a new kitchen sink, repaired stairs and railings and painted. 

Sean O’Brien, executive director of HomeFront, said the repairs were beyond the family’s “financial and physical abilities.” 

“We really think of this as they’re giving a gift to the volunteers who are helping because so many people want to do good, and the folks who apply to us, they’re really taking a leap of faith in humanity,” O’Brien said. 

The organization and a partner volunteer team on each project have helped to repair 680 homes in Norwalk, according to O’Brien, who said the organization also supplies materials and assistance for home repairs throughout Connecticut.