How to Make the Most of a Small Space: Home Upgrade Ideas on a Budget

How to Make the Most of a Small Space: Home Upgrade Ideas on a Budget

Have you ever scanned through the renovation and DIY sections of Pinterest and been confronted by huge vistas of spaces? Then, you’ve spent time looking around your own tiny apartment and realized that it is never going to be like that!

Have no fear! Small spaces don’t have to mean that there is no way to make them feel bigger. There are ways you can make your decor look bigger than it actually is and turn an already-less-than-ideal spot into a space you can love.

With so many skill sets needed to maintain a modern house, it’s hard to be an expert at any of them; especially if you’re on a small budget or if you’re just not inclined to undertake DIY projects.

This article will highlight some home improvements that could give you a great return on very little investment. It will also look at some ways to add more storage and work around the limitations of your space. Continue reading to find out more.

Starting With the Basics

The first point you need to consider is the structure of your building. Do you live in an apartment or a house? If you’re in a house, you may have more options, but there are ideas that you can use in apartments too.

You need to be sure that the structure is in good repair. Get in touch with a few roofing companies (such as Marquis Roofing) to ensure your roof is in good working order, and contact a handyman to give your gutters a clean and perhaps paint the exterior.

Once you have ensured your structure is in good working order and there are no serious concerns, it’s time to get decorating!

Making a Small Space Feel Bigger

When people think of small spaces, they immediately think of tiny boxes with no life inside them. It might look like all the space has gone from the outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Start with the way you use color. Choose light or pastel colors for your walls, and avoid bold patterns. They will make your room appear smaller and tighter than it is.

Using Storage in a Small Space

Use vertical space to make the room seem more open but still have a feeling of depth. Vertical storage is a must for small spaces because you will never find big storage containers in home goods stores.

Wall hooks can double up as wall decorations, so put your most used items on them and add some heavier knick-knacks in case they get knocked off.

There are lots of different hanging and stackable storage options on the market. If you don’t want your cabinets to stick out, get some nice-looking ones that stack up nicely and give you a functional shelving area.

If you don’t have the space for big storage containers, buy smaller baskets stacked on top of each other. They are cheaper, give the same effect as their bigger counterparts, and can still be useful for storing craft materials or other miscellaneous items.