Removing stains from limestone tiles

Removing stains from limestone tiles

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Moreover, how to make sure you put in the ideal warmth pump technique.

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Q. Inquire the Remodeler, what would you advocate for cleansing ceramic tile or limestone? I will need to eliminate stains produced from the oil of bare toes standing in just one spot.


A. Based on the trouble, I am going to guess you have limestone. Ceramic tiles would not soak up oils limestone kinds most definitely will. You want to make or buy a poultice. Homemade types generally perform well applying a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste, use that above the stains, and go over the spots with a fabric overnight. The poultice functions to attract the stains out of the stone. There are other recipes and merchandise you can come across on-line. We have utilized them on porous stones in the previous, and they get the job done well.

Q. Observed your posting on warmth pumps in the Nov. 27 Globe (“Ask the Remodeler: Heat Pumps vs electric powered oil burners”). Three decades in the past I changed my boiler with a Buderus and noticed terrific benefits performance-smart. Now I will need to replace my 3.5-ton full-dwelling air conditioner. The Mass Help you save representative is telling me to put in a heat pump, which can be used for AC. Is there a score system equivalent to a Purchaser Stories breakdown for warmth pumps?


A. My to start with piece of information is to maintain the present heating method and increase the warmth pumps for cooling and as a supplemental warmth supply. There is not a score company for each se, but there are specifications you want to appear for in a system. For the heating stop of points, check out out the Heating Seasonal General performance Issue, or HSPF, rankings. In purchase to get an Power Star ranking, it generally requires to be 7.5 or greater. Relating to cooling effectiveness, you want to appear at the Seasonal Strength Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, range, which ought to be at the very least 12 to get an Strength Star score. Many methods marketed these times have scores that are better than those Office of Strength requirements.

Q. I’m a home-owner who has a Franke kitchen sink that was rather high-priced when it was bought, and I’m working with scratches from pots, pans, and utensils. I tried using numerous solutions to cut down some of the scratches. They’re not deep scratches, just quite a few hairline ones. The sidewalls are as shiny as they were being when we bought the sink 10 decades in the past. How do we polish the sink with out harming it?


A. There are some extremely superior goods on the sector, types that use a multistep process that goes from far more abrasive to mildly abrasive to polishing. We have Scratch Pro, and it operates effectively. It normally takes a lengthy time and a fair sum of elbow grease, but with persistence you can get a quite good polish. I would remarkably advise adding a stainless steel grate that sits at the bottom of the sink on minimal rubber legs. Some of our clientele don’t like the glance of these, but they are highly effective.

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