The Average Cost to Build a Residential Pool in Florida

The Average Cost to Build a Residential Pool in Florida

In Florida, a swimming pool often tops the list of must-have features for a dream home. If your desired property lacks this amenity, don’t despair. You can purchase the home and then customize it with a pool that suits your preferences. However, building a residential swimming pool involves costs that should be carefully considered.

Construction Costs and Expert Guidance

Building a pool is a significant investment, and costs vary based on factors like type, size, finishing, and additional features. While some home improvements can be done yourself, constructing a pool isn’t one of them. Seek expert advice and services from a pool company to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your pool aligns with your needs and budget.

Types of Pools

Before diving in, consider different types of swimming pools:

  • In-ground pool
  • Above-ground pool
  • Lap pools
  • Saltwater pools
  • Plunge pools
  • Indoor pools

The chosen pool type impacts the basic cost, and additional features contribute to the total cost.

Extra Pool Features

Personal preferences play a role in the cost of building a pool. The type and nature of additional features, such as lighting or water features, influence the overall expense. Pools not only add value but also make a statement about your home.

Custom Pools

If your dream home lacks a pool, you have the opportunity to build one to your liking. Choose the size, shape, and features that suit your preferences. Customizing your pool may incur additional costs for materials, but it allows you to create a pool tailored to your vision.

Swimming Pool Cleaning System

When building a pool, consider the pool cleaning system, which affects installation and maintenance costs. While installation costs vary, maintenance costs depend on the chosen system. Common pool cleaning systems include:

  • Chlorine Systems: Affordable, but require frequent pH adjustments.
  • Saltwater Cleaning Systems: Higher initial costs but lower annual expenses, with the benefit of no chlorine smell.
  • Ultraviolet Ozone Systems: Moderately priced UV pool cleaner with costs ranging between $500 and $600, providing an alternative based on your budget and time availability.

Understanding these factors will help you make informed decisions when building your dream pool in Florida.

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