What Do Customers Say? (April 2023)

What Do Customers Say? (April 2023)

Discounts and Policyholder Perks

American Home Shield offers several discounts and perks to its members and also occasionally runs sales. Learn more about how to access American Home Shield’s discounts on its website.

  • Multiple properties: AHS offers $50 off when you enroll more than one property.
  • Referral bonus: AHS policyholders who successfully refer a friend receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Plus, the friend gets one too.
  • Appliance brand discounts: American Home Shield partners with appliance brands to offer discounts to its customers.
  • AARP members: You can receive $36 or more off your AHS plan if you are an AARP member.

Types of Covered Damages and Perils

AHS stands out among competitors by covering some types of damages and perils that other home warranty companies don’t. For instance, AHS covers systems and appliances of any age, even if they were poorly maintained or improperly installed. AHS covers the following under all of its plans:

  • Items of any age
  • Undetectable pre-existing conditions
  • Multiples of the same item, like a second refrigerator
  • Breakdowns caused by rust, corrosion or sediment
  • Breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance and normal wear and tear
  • Item removal and disposal (when necessary)
  • Items with few or no maintenance records
  • Items that were improperly installed, repaired or modified

Coverage Exclusions and Limitations

Although American Home Shield covers many situations that other home warranty providers don’t, its home warranty plans do still have limitations. Some exclusions, like those below, can be difficult to find because they’re hidden in the fine print of your contract. That’s why you should review your contract before you commit to a policy.

  • Each covered home system and appliance has certain components or circumstances that aren’t covered by AHS, which will be outlined in your AHS service contract.
  • AHS makes the final decision on whether your broken item will be repaired or replaced.
  • AHS is not required to install an item of the exact dimensions, brand or color as your old appliance during a replacement.
  • AHS may offer you cash in lieu of repair or replacement, which is “substantially less than the retail cost.”
  • AHS will not cover any repair or replacement already covered under a distributor, builder, manufacturer or extended warranty.

The conditions of your AHS contract may vary slightly in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. Read a sample contract from your state on AHS’s website.